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Black Knight

Caballero postal, Courier Driver, Delivery Driver, Delivery Knight, El caballero negro, Taek-bae-gi-sa, Рыцарь Доставки, الفارس الأسود, شوالیه سیاه, 宅配技師, 宅配騎士, 末日騎士, 末日骑士, 配達員, 택배기사

Sipnosis Black Knight

Devastating air pollution and severe social divide between residents and refugees A corrupt unforgiving and violent social order This is the world Sawol was born into After watching the police massacre her mother and adopted family simply because they were refugees Sawol holds a deep seeded rage and fear of the police Sawol believes that becoming a delivery agent is the only means to liberate herself but can she beat the odds stacked up against her to become oneOriginal WebtoonRelated


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